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Active360 Paddle Boarding

For several years Lady of Avenel has teamed up with  Active360 to run SUP (stand up paddle boarding) trips in the Western Isles of Scotland.  Imagine living on a tallship then having the freedom to explore remote Islands, caves and beaches by paddle board.  A favourite is the iconic Fingals Cave on the Isle of Staffa.  See 360 Magazine article -pdf

Active360 is a vibrant and established paddle boarding school based in London.  They run trips all over the world for example Myanmar, Slovenia, Budapest.   They also run day trips and training sessions on the river Thames and Regents can so you may be able to get some pre-trip experience.

You will also be joining a group committed to the environment. 'We introduce people to rivers and oceans through SUP and try to engage them in work to protect those environments as well as providing good experiences on water and coaching to help them their aims.'

Join us for 1 week 1st - 7th July 2018.  

Book direct with    For questions and further information email

You can also  choose to join the activities below which run through the week.

- an eco-tour to give more of an insight into the natural landscape, wildlife and ecosystems 

- a Coastal skills and Knowledge course, to equip our guests with the essential skills needed to navigate safely around the Hebrides on-board a crewed boat

- geo-mapping exercises of plastic pollution in the Hebrides. At the moment, the situation is not as dire as other locations around the UK, most likely due to good management of the situation by the government, and a conscious proactive attitude from local inhabitants

-  a SUP Skills course delivered by racer, Phillip Mathers. We will be covering topics such as "knowing your board", safety, stroke analysis, fitness for SUP, effective movement and more.

 - on-shore excursions, hikes, distillery visits, iconic towns and villages etc

West Coast Mull

Fingals Cave

360 and the environment

We are keen to ensure that our sport SUP makes a positive impact on the environment. We particularly want to help protect marine environments as they are under threat worldwide. Without better protection and work to undo the worst environmental degradation there will come a time when Watersports are much less attractive. In some places this time is already here. Who wants to paddle around in plastic trash ?  Paul Hyman - Director