A voyage on Lady of Avenel is a great adventure where you can be very active, wild swimming one moment, then setting sails and later scrambling ashore on a remote beach.   It can also be a time to paint.

Jane Northcote is a regular on the Lady with SwimTrek wild-swimming in the Hebrides and a veteran of the North Sea delivery passage 2017.

Jane started painting as a child.  ‘I use sketching and painting as a way to look at something more carefully’.  In these paintings Jane uses waterproof ink followed by water colour. When she was painting Passage to Castlebay, it was easier to use the salt water sloshing around the deck  than to balance a water jar on the moving boat, so the picture is painted in the new medium ‘brine-colour’.

‘Anyone can enjoy sketching and painting – bring your pencils and paint!’

New for 2023 Lady of Avenel is offering a dedicated trip ‘Sketch and Sail‘ for those wishing to seek inspiration from the beautiful landscapes found on the West Coast of Scotland. 

To see more of Jane’s artwork visit her website