Towns & Cities

Towns & Cities

England, Scotland & Ireland host a myriad of fishing villages, small ports and cities whose histories and myths surround maritime trade and culture.  These places offer a diverse range of places to visit while sailing on board the Lady of Avenel.




We’re compiling a list of towns, cities and villages with maritime interest that we visit:

Liverpool, Bristol, Falmouth, Oban, Dublin, St Mary’s – Isle of Scilly, Portsmouth, Cardiff Bay, Aberdeen, Whitby, Tenby, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Plymouth, Ipswich, Dundee, Inverness, Londonderry, Belfast, Galway, Blackpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Lowestoft, Torquay, Margate, Hull, Largs, Whitehaven, Greenook, Glasgow, Thurso.

More information coming soon.